Inner Creative Sound is a recording studio that also provides online mixing and mastering services. The owner, Chris Blaney, has been mixing records professionally for over 8 years. He finished audio engineering school @ CRAS but has been self taught since 2008. Certified in WAVES Plugins, Pro Tools Tiers 1-5, Melodyne, AutoTune, & many others. We are excited about working with artists who bring additional talent to the creative process & are serious about what they do. Keeping our clients happy and coming back for additional mixes is what we love doing!

Chris Blaney
Audio Engineer/Owner

Why Choose Inner Creative Sound?

Improve Your Sound

Guaranteed to improve your overall sound quality. Your fans will be more engaged & impressed when they hear a radio ready mix. A&R reps are always wanting the best possible mixing and mastering, it shows how much effort you put into your craft. Allowing someone else to mix for you will bring new creativity to the table as well as constructive criticism that will go a long way.

Won't Hurt Your Wallet

Paying for beats, putting on shows, mixtape covers, merchandise, promotion, recording gear/software all adds up doesn't it? The prices are reasonable not because "you get what you pay for" but because you coming back for additional mixing and mastering services is something that we both want. Instead of charging you a lot of money for one song the prices are lower so you can continue your passion without feeling broke.

Quick Turnaround 3-4 Days (Just ask!)

Most mix and masters will be sent back to you within 3-4 days (sometimes sooner). Expect some extra time needed for revisions but as soon as you reply about changes needed they will be fixed & sent back ASAP. Quality over quanity so please if you need a song mixed in a shorter amount of time send an e-mail and it could be done for a small fee.

Our Work

Mixing and Mastering Samples

Mixing and Mastering Services

Advanced EQ Advanced EQ Equalization, or EQ for short, means boosting or reducing (attenuating) the levels of different frequencies in a signal.The most basic type of equalization familiar to most people is the treble/bass control on home audio equipment.
Compression Compression Compression is the process of lessening the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an audio signal. This is done by boosting the quieter signals and attenuating the louder signals.
Delay & Reverb Automation Delay & Reverb Automation Automation is an important tool for creating polished mixes. You can use it to fix problems, introduce and enhance effects, and to vary the mix levels throughout different sections of a song.
AutoTune/Melodyne AutoTune/Melodyne Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies which uses a proprietary device to measure and alter pitch in vocal and instrumental music recording and performances. Melodyne can edit timing and also allow us draw your pitch in or adjust the key/notes you didn't correctly hit while singing.
Mastering Mastering We are a certified MFiT Provider! Mastering requires critical listening; however, software tools exist to facilitate the process. Mastering engineers may also need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic compression in order to optimise sound translation on all playback systems.

Mixing and Mastering Pricing

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Mix and Master

Online Mixing and Mastering

25 Vocal Stems
Unlimited Revisions
Advanced Mixing Techniques
Advanced Mastering Techniques
Cloud Storage For 6 Months
& so much more!

Upgrade to an Apple Digital Master for $15!

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Other Services

  • Mastering: $40
  • Advanced Mix (No Master): $40
  • Radio Edit: $15
  • Acapella Export: $5
  • 1 Stem Pitch Correction: $10
  • Instrumental Export (No Vocals): $5
  • Ask for Album/Mixtape Discount Pricing

Apple Digital Masters Provider -

Apple Digital Master : $45

We are an approved mastering house by Apple to provide Apple Digital Masters that meet iTunes requirements.

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Mix and Master w/ Instrumental Stems

Advanced Mix and Master Instrumental Stems

70 Vocal & Instrumental Stems
Unlimited Revisions
Advanced Mixing Techniques
Advanced Mastering Techniques
Cloud Storage For 6 Months
& so much more!

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Mic Mar Mic Mar @MicMar20 |

"I like how the verses sound, that's perfect! "The breakdown sounds dope!" "You're getting these mixes done quick! Sounds perfect" "The Change Me song sounds great, I don't want to change anything" "By the way, Fly As Hell sounds perfect, drops are sweet, & the track sounds exactly how I imagined haha"

Louy Fierce Louy Fierce @LouyFierce |

"Yo! Hot Air Balloons sounds dope, you did a great job getting those vocals to shine through the beat" "Sounds good man, final master for sure!" "Lovin it bro! Good job on the Lioness mix, that AutoTune sounds natural actually but super smooth" "You nailed that mix dude! Super clean, radio ready for sure!"


The quality on Breaking It Down is amazing, the mix is soooo perfect" "You truly work magic my friend" "Yooo the mix sounds so sick!" "I played it for my mom & she said whoever mixed the song is soooo good haha" "How do you get these mixes sounding so clean?!" "Bro that sounds so clean, you are a wizard lol!" "You're by far the best engineer I've ever worked with, I've got some more songs coming soon"

Keenan Victor Keenan Victor @KeenanVictor |

"I like the sound of the mix, everything sounds really good!" "Great stuff yo! I'll have a whole project for you coming soon" "I love how the intro turned out & I love how the extra effects in the chorus sounds" "Perfect! You're the best" "Beautiful! I'll have something new for you at the end of the day"

"Thank you Chris, for all your hard work. We appreciate the time you've dedicated to bringing our vision to fruition. You're customer service skills are impeccable, and will definitely bring business your way!"- Brandi Nicole (Artist Manager/Muse Write)
"Push sounds really good, I like the effets you put in there!!!" - C.O.R.D (Christian Rap Artist)
"Chris, you have done a great job with the song! This is it. I thank you and appreciate your effort to help us bring this vision to life" - Vicke Vyto (Rap Artist)
"Yo! That's it! The music is perfect! I love the way the vocals mix with the beat" - Ced White (Christian Rap Artist)

Master your music to meet iTunes specifications! 

Inner Creative Sound is a verified Apple Digital Masters provider. We can deliver the highest quality and meet the specifications your music deserves to be heard at. Your music will sound it's very best when downloaded by iTunes customers and can carry the elusive "Apple Digital Masters" badge.

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