121 Mastering Tips from the Experts

121 Mastering Tips from the Experts

Scott Hawksworth (owner of AudioSkills.com) has reached out to me again and asked if I would contribute to his “121 Mastering Tips from the Experts” guide. He received over 500 tips on Mastering and created a guide separated into three pages. I suggest you check out these guides if you are trying to improve your Mastering skills.

  1. It seems that a lot of studios are still using outboard gear because it gives that warm analog sound everyone enjoys and its physical appearance is appealing and fun to control. Plugins though are being designed to replicate exactly how the gear sounds which is great and still offer that analog feel. I prefer plugins because you don’t have to worry about repairs, patch bay, and recalling your settings each time you go back to that master. Plugins seem to now provide the same quality and are definitely a time saver. Also a little more affordable. — Chris Blaney, Inner Creative Sound
  1. I use multiband compression to add a final touch to frequencies that may be standing out too much, help it smooth out a vocal (de-essing) , or tighten up some low end without it affecting the higher frequencies. If you find yourself messing with it too much, you should probably go back to the mix and make some adjustments there first. — Chris Blaney, Inner Creative Sound

 Click the links below to see the full guide!

121 Mastering Tips from the Experts

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Thanks again Scott & AudioSkills.com


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