121 Mixing Tips from the Experts - AudioSkills

121 Mixing Tips from the Experts –  AudioSkills

Recently I was contacted by Scott Hawksworth (founder of AudioSkills.com) and was asked to participate for his “121 Mixing Tips from the Experts – Free Guide from AudioSkills”. And of course, I said yes! I was honored to have 3 of my tips included in the guide along with many other excellent tips and tricks from fellow Audio Engineers. I will include the mixing tips I provided but you should go check out the other ones as well!

Create templates with your favorite plugin chain and aux sends. Then tweak those plugins to work with what you’re mixing. Color code your tracks based off Intro, Hook, Verse, etc as well as make markers at these sections in the song itself. — Chris Blaney, Inner Creative Sound

EQ before you compress to remove unwanted frequencies so the compressor can focus on a more natural sound that you’re going for. — Chris Blaney, Inner Creative Sound

Let the delay fill in the empty spaces of a song. Use delay for transitions into the next section. Use stereo delays/ping pong to give the audio more of a stereo image. — Chris Blaney, Inner Creative Sound

Click Here to check out “121 Mixing Tips from The Experts – Free Guide from AudioSkills

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