LANDR vs Professional Mastering Engineer Results

LANDR vs Professional Mastering Engineer Results
Mastering Shootout Results

Recently, and ran a Mastering Shootout between LANDR, a Professional Mastering Engineer and a Professional Music Mixer.

They had three songs that each mastering outlet was required to master for this shootout. They then asked the Pro Tools Expert Community to listen to the different masters without knowing which was done by what mastering outlet. Each test received an average of 700 results.

The combined results from all three songs show that a Professional Mastering Engineer was the best out of the three based off the 700 user votes.

Combined Mastering Shootout Results:

  • Professional Mastering Engineer: 35.53%
  • Music Mixer: 33.20%
  • LANDR: 31.27%

The results are pretty close but would you rather have a better sounding master or a cheaper/quicker master from LANDR?

Visit Mastering Shootout Results – Professional Mastering Engineer Wins by 4% Over LANDR to view more in depth results.




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