Mastered for iTunes (MFiT)

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT)

Inner Creative Sound is now providing “Mastered for iTunes” (MFiT)

Apple has added us to their “Mastered for iTunes” providers list.  Providing the highest quality audio is what we strive to do, and now it’s even more possible. If you would like your songs to have the Mastered for iTunes badge appear next to them, please purchase an MFiT service.

Master your music to meet iTunes specifications! 

We can deliver the highest quality and meet the specifications your music deserves to be heard at. Your music will sound it’s very best when downloaded by iTunes customers and can carry the elusive “Mastered for iTunes” badge.


• $45 per Mixed Stereo Song (or $15 Upgrade from Advanced Mix & Master)

• Everything included in Advanced Master
• Meet Apple specifications for a high resolution master
• Ready for delivery to iTunes
• Have the MFiT badge on iTunes
• 2-3 day turnaround

*Your song must be recorded & exported at a minimum of 24bit depth and 44.1kHz in order to be Mastered for iTunes & accepted

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